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Surfing in Mexico it´s like...

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Ohhhh! Mexico “the sun so hot, water to warm. I forgot to go home.

In less than a dozen words, buffet summed up many an expat’s Mexican experiences.

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And no wonder

Mexico is to US what Indonesia is to Australia- a warm, cheap, exotic, adults equivalent of Disneyland, where you can get anything you want, whenever you want it. Oh, and the waves are epic too. Pretty much all of the time.

Mexico has a number of things going for it, as far as surf destinations. For one, it’s located just above the equator , with a wide - open fetch facing north, west and south. In other words, it is one of the most wave-rich countries on the planet, regardless of the month, south swells pump all summer, lighting up Mexico’s entire pacific coast, from Oaxaca famed points and big waves beaches all the way up to the sand bars in Baja.

But winter can be just as consistent, with northwest swells not only filtering into the points, reefs and sand bars in Baja, but also sending swell to the beach breaks down in Mainland Mexico (Jalisco  coast, etc ). in other words, regardless of the type of wave you want to surf or the season you want to surf it in, you can find it in Mexico - Margaritas included...


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