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Last winter swell and we surfed a secret spot...

Just an hour far from PV town, there is a mythic wave that only breaks during winter time, needing a NNW or straight North swell, there is a secret local spot we go with no one out but us.

Al long left line from far out breaks perfectly all the wat to the shore.

This is the place you go when you know that Pipeline was pumping few days before.

We call it the second version of Quimixto or his tiwn brother. If you have surfed Quimixto, seen pictures or have heard about it, you will realize that this is a very similar wave with very similar wall and bottom formation.

This is Frank, a surfer from Montreal. He took him this last epic swell, he was stoked we could see his smile, ear to ear, why?... because it was epic and there was no one out but us.

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