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Have you ever wanted to surf Kelly slater's wave pool? well, no need to ask for it, because whenever this surf break is pumping, it is the closest it ca gets to a wave pool.

Perfect right hand wave breaking every 3-5 min. with a set of 5-8 waves. This surf break is so consistent you only need less than an hour to get at least 20 waves. As is a very local point break and 80% time of the year is flat, nobody thinks that's a surf break beside the locals.

surfing puerto vallarta
Surf puerto vallarta

perfect local surfbreak outside of Puerto Vallarta, inside Banderas bay
Surfing Puerto Vallarta

This surf break located in Banderas bay, and only 30. min driving from Puerto Vallarta is a paradise for regular and goofy footers. if you get tired of rights, just get off water, walk 5 min. back and surf the lefts right away.

Unfortunately this is a place that rarely breaks, so if you are in town and your are lucky, you'll be able to surf this nature made wave pool.

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