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Puerto Vallarta surf breaks!

As all local surfers know, we wait a long year for this season. Local uncrowded surf breaks are pumping for about 3-4 days of hurricane swell. Solid barrels, sandy beach breaks and the best of it, we don't need no drive that much. Many river mouths of Puerto Vallarta are open after few days of strong rains, all the sand get pulls to the ocean making a perfect sand bottom beach break.

you don believe it? here are some pictures from last year.

YES!, empty lineups...

Puerto Vallarta surfing offers a variety of breaks around the town. You only need to know the swell direction, tides and bring a correct size board for the occasion.

Hurricane season it's just starting. We are expecting good strong rains with great hurricane strong swells coming to Puerto Vallarta during these months (June to October).

And yes we know, mosquitos are a pain in the ass, getting your car wet and dirty and get sweaty while you are walking to the break point. But believe me, all that will not matter once you see those perfect waves breaking while walking with your surfboard to the beach.

And as anywhere else in the world, there are local surf spots that just break during a certain season through out the year. And well for Puerto Vallarta surf breaks is the rain season.

This is the season we all locals from Bahía de Banderas wait all year. No long walkings, not many time stuck in the traffic just to get to Punta de Mita or outside the bay. Sometimes we will just walk 5 minutes, take our bikes or skateboards and we will be there at the first light of the day, warming up, taking a coffee (or tea) to get some epic waves and get barreled why not.

Puerto Vallarta waves has been one of our local instructors surf breaks, and they've taken may people from other parts of Mexico and the World to get some this clean and epic waves.

The only thing we always ask is... not to reveal the location. But you know, once you surf it you will for sure come next year to get some epic surfing again in Puerto Vallarta.

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