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3 Best places for advanced surf

Do you ever go to a new place that has beaches and wonder, where i can surf around here?

Well, we will tell you about 3 places in Banderas bay where you can surf whether is good, fair or poor conditions...

1.-Punta Burros is located far north the bay

With a great right hand wave and lefty fun, it is one of the best places for advance surfers. With a reef bottom it works great with a 4/6 ft SW and NW swells, works on high and low tide.

2.-La Lancha, Punta de Mita

With a sketchy and hidden road, is also on the north part of Banderas Bay.

3.-Los Veneros

Sand bottom beach break in front of W Hotel. You can get barreled on a 5/6ft wave North Swell on a mid to low tide. Far in the back there is a Reef break called Paredón, a long right hand wave with a solid wall on a 4/5ft wave swell.

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